Does Anonymity Bring Freedom?


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Does anonymity give you more freedom in expressing your true thoughts? The wild, peculiar, never-tested-before ones you hear tapping the insides of your scull.

I think yes.

The other day a friend said to me, “For long I have been wanting to write about a few subjects that stir me inside, but since they are either too bold or too personal to reveal, I don’t go ahead.”

That means he has consciously put a filter right at the place where creativity originates. As a result, it will only leave out the ideas that are non-controversial, and safe to share – not necessarily the best ones.

That is not how imagination prospers. Things offend others all the time, so if there is something you truly believe in, don’t worry, give it words. If you have trouble doing that with your name flashing there, going anonymous will help immensely.

It’s known that people judge others after reading a piece of their writing. That happens a lot if your readers are the people you know in real life, and you write a lot about your personal life. Therefore, unless you put a lot of checks in place, you run the risk of divulging something that you ought not to.

If using your name is making you constantly conscious of your image, and impedes the process of thinking honestly, you will produce a work less in quality than your true potential promises.

I am not promoting anonymity if you can write without being troubled by what others would think of you. If you can do that the debate is over.

People not afraid of anything while bringing forth the ideas they think are the best are doing justice to the art of writing.

But if you have to hide some and show some to be able to come up with something – best go anonymous and show it all. And, original ideas take courage to be brought out in the open. They are often first met with resistance and criticism.

So be courageous and write your heart out. Choose any of the ways but don’t hold anything inside. If it flows from your heart, it’ll make a good piece of writing, howsoever bold it might be.

© Sundaram Chauhan

Poisonous Fruits

The sweet


juicy fruits

die a premature death.

Plucked away


in the peak

of their youth.

The poisonous ones


an envious

longevity of life.

And die

only a natural death

close to their own

at the place of their birth.

© Sundaram Chauhan


Me (irritated): Where the hell are my shoes?

Her (calm): I picked them up yesterday, and hid them somewhere.

Me (angry): What the f**k! Why would you do that?

Her (dramatic): Because that’s what I fantasise about all day. That you’ll come back, take off your sexy shoes, and go to washroom; and I’ll pounce on them undetected, and hide them at a place only I have access to. So that long after you’ve slept, I could just enjoy watching them make love to each other.

Me (terrified): I think I kept them under the sofa last night… I’ll go find them.

© Sundaram Chauhan

One Thousand Likes!

I came across one poem

That I didn’t quite like

A thousand others loved it

Troubled I went for a hike


It felt kind of pretentious

But it must be good

I confessed to myself

I never really understood


‘t wasn’t about one word

Or some queer sentence

Could make out nothing

True – not even once


It was all English

That much I knew

Was about a colour

Some darker shade of blue


Perhaps it was esoteric

Not really meant for me

But a thousand people got it!

How could that be?


I tried reading it over

One last time

Like hell it was good

It didn’t even rhyme


“Blank verse poem”

Shouted my dad

To not understand it

You’ve got to be mad


I knew what it was

I flashed him a stare

A ping on my phone

Announced I got a share


The ‘Thousand Likes’ poet

Liked one of mine

Shared it as well

Commented “so fine”


A smile on my face

I went back to write

The poetry I know

All fears took flight


Tiny Tale


I pause

Stare hard

At screen with bleary eyes

It’s time

Let’s go!

Something inside me cries

I peep into the cabin

My boss is on the phone

My day is not yet over

I let out a groan

She knocks

Comes close

And hands over her work

I nod

Lips pursed

God, I am such a jerk!

I want to go

Along with her too

Her earrings are new

What am I going to do?

She spins

Glides out

Her fragrance still stays

I close

My eyes

My heart is ablaze

I hear her say bye

To everyone outside

Out of my league she is

I should’ve still tried

It’s been some days

My life is such

We talk sometimes

But nothing much

Today is the day

I thought I’d say

Something concrete

And clear up the way


She has left

I am alone

A couple of hours gone

I rub my eyes

Stretch my back

Open my mouth to yawn

I shuffle across

the hall to my boss

A pat on my back

still feels like a loss

Elevator I take

Grab a burger and a cake

Wish I could sit

By the side of a lake

I reach my car

A heart with a scar

In sight is a tree

Beneath a faint star

Just then it glows

With a tremble and a tone

That’s her message!

Her message on my phone

I read it aloud

She wants to talk

There’s a bad news

She’s in some shock

The project she did

Was wrong, she cries

I never cared to check

My blood all dries

Head pounding hard

My eyes on the tree

I call up my boss

Just say it was me

I take all the flak

And then call her back

I state what I’ve done

She screams I’m a crack!

She says she is sorry

I say, that’s alright

She laughs and she talks

Right past midnight

Still dreaming of her

Not blinking at all

A small win this is, but

We’ve broken the wall.


© Sundaram Chauhan
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A Blessing You Are


Rushing and gushing

and pouring over rocks

like a river tumbling down the hill

embracing all the shocks.

You stride ahead in life

giving shape to boulders

blessing one blessing all

holding us by our shoulders.

I see you when in dark

I reach you when I’m lost

You leave it all and pull me up

Whatever is the cost.


© Sundaram Chauhan

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What to call you


Glad we could meet today

So rarely do we now

We’ve drifted so far apart

I wonder when and how

We hit it off the moment we met

Built on it every day

Laughing and then crying together

Came closer on the way

The bond’s grown so profound

It sure is set in steel

I revel with you around me

You never judge I feel

You’re there just a call away

I come running when you ask

We don’t pretend, we don’t lie

We wear no damn mask

I wish you laughter

And bungalows that sprawl

How much you mean to me

Words can’t describe it all

Never known what to call you

’cause names usually confine

‘Friend’ comes close enough

Let it be that – I am fine.


© Sundaram Chauhan

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This wasn’t the first time

Nor will it be last

But this time around you see

We dug its grave so fast

I’m sorry if I hurt you

I hurt you bad I know

You weren’t far behind yourself

And hit me hard and low

But see how we took control

We are getting so mature

That we only grow from here

I am going to make sure

The bitter aftertaste too

We spat away in haste

Let’s give ourselves some credit

We spared no moment to waste


© Sundaram Chauhan

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