I Breathe You

Lounged by my side

You shimmering molten gold

Your hands oozing warmth

And these are mine to hold

My fingers caressing yours

Tracing shape of your nails

My eyes searching yours

They’re telling me some tales

A part of you is air

Or is that your perfume

You flow from the same source

From flowers left to bloom

I breathe you in so deep

The world around is haze

You ripple through my body

In thousand different ways

Β©Sundaram Chauhan

17 thoughts on “I Breathe You

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  1. Your word pictures draw me in, Sundahram. I especially appreciated the lines:

    β€œA part of you is air

    Or is that your perfume

    You flow from the same source

    From flowers left to bloom”

    I guess because I am a fan of fine perfume
    And I love flowers, that part would resonate with me.
    Lovely, positive thoughts… far from the
    Heartbreak of Hearings! Thank you!

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    1. Wow!!…such an amazing comment…Thanks so very much πŸ™πŸ™… I’m happy you liked it…and I believe that a person is not just a body…there is a certain aura around some people…some sort of personal fragrance that precedes them…πŸ‘ˆ:-)….appreciate you reading and leaving such a lovely comment …βœŒπŸ™βœŒ…:-)

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  2. Came back to read this again. This post came up when I was traveling and a quick read and a like later I was immersed in some sort of deja-vu. I couldn’t pin point to what part of my memories I was relating your words with. Took my time and 10 days later here I am. Still wondering! Your words took me to a memory I don’t yet recall. Maybe it’s dormant. Maybe it just doesn’t exist! Who really knows? Needless to say, I loved, totally loved this poem Sundaram! Thank you for invoking this mystic nostalgia.


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