The World Inside of Me


The world inside of me

Is kind of pretty cool

I still am a boy

I still go to school


I play through my days

Read books for pleasure

A piggy bank of sorts

Still holds all my treasure


Brimming with zeal

I run until I fall

I jump and scream and jump again

For no reasons at all


The world is so huge

So confusing like a maze

But I like to find my own way

And walk through this haze


The prettiest of girls around

Don’t hold my attention

Except for daily homework

I’m not aware of tension


I wait for heavy rains

To play soccer in the mud

I cartwheel and somersault

Yeah – I’m such a stud!


The band on my wrist says

Hit First and Hit Hard

I train watching Bruce Lee

My whole body is scarred


I do visit this place in me

Whenever things go bad

To cry in my mother’s lap

And hide behind my Dad


The world inside of me

Is kind of pretty cool

Wisdom comes along with chains

I’d rather be a fool

© Sundaram Chauhan

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55 thoughts on “The World Inside of Me

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  1. The day we lose touch with our inner child will be a very tragic day for humanity indeed. I could have gone with ‘Oh, this is cute’ but I found a parallel between your poem and W.H.Davies’ Leisure. Simple enough at first read but the hidden meaning hits you much much later. Totally loved this SC!

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    1. Hey Lalitha! And thanks…wow… I wanted to write very light for some time. Poems are something I haven’t much read. So I have no idea how they are written. And they come out like this. Simple verses. I’m so glad you liked it. Thanks as always to read and share your beautiful views. Means a lot…✌✌🙏

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  2. “Wisdom comes along with chains / I’d rather be a fool” — this line stands out to me because my coworker and I had a discussion on what our lives would be like if we were simpler. Just being happy with the bare minimum to get by.
    Great poem.

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      1. In reading your pieces, the pleasure is all mine dost!
        Haha, you are too modest to say that… every key in your keyboard starts bleeding expression the moment you touch it with your thoughts! 🙂 🙂

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  3. Like you, my poems come simply and from the heart. Thanks for visiting “JanBeek” and liking my “Remaining Useful.” Come again. I look forward to reading more of your writing.

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