Break the Jinx – Recommence

break the jinx

About a couple of years back, when I was very new to writing, I faced a difficult period where I felt a sudden and overwhelming indifference developing within me towards writing as a craft.

A conviction that my writing ambitions were futile grew so strong in me that I stopped hitting the keypad completely, terrified of the new state of affairs in my mind.

All this while, even if an amazing idea were to pop up in my head, I knew I wouldn’t go for it, quite contrary to my general approach where I didn’t let go of anything that was worth expressing. In the rare events when I found my life laden with disappointments and defeats, I used to write about conquering them or facing them or just about them as they were.

But not writing at all – was new, to say the least.

This confusion resulted in the longest stretch I have ever had without writing a single word. And, I still regret it.

But the period didn’t go without gifting me a lesson, a rather harsh reminder that writing, irrespective of how much you love it, is simply a habit.

You might feel you are effortless and natural, and writing is an integral part of your being – but for all that, it still isn’t self-sustaining. Try resting your faculties for one week, for any reason, and you will find it harder to come back.

The next week will present a much more compelling case for not sitting and stringing together words. Give an ear to yourself in such times, and it wouldn’t be long before your so dearly maintained blog goes defunct.

Interestingly you tend to somehow convince yourself that it is all for good – that you never really meant to write that often anyway. That you already have a job, or a career to look forward to, and a blog was just an experiment, probably a waste of time.

But no, it’s not, and it will never be, whether you harbour desires to author books some day or not. Writing is much more than that. It’s an outlet; it’s freedom. A friend, and the best one at that. You’ll always have an edge over others if you know how to write, whatever may be the field of your work.

Remember, just as writing is a habit, not writing is a habit too (and unfortunately an effortless one). So please pick up that pen again. Read your earlier works if you need reassurance, as you might after a gap, and write.

Break the jinx by writing anything, but don’t give in just yet. You know you are full of thoughts that need writing down. You know you have the talent, even if that requires years of honing to reach your desired level.

Just remind yourself of the reasons that forced you to take pains to understand how a blog works, and get going.

Happy writing!

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  1. I appreciate this honest post and I agree with you that every phase we go through gifts us a lesson. It is very true that writing is much more than a means to success, it is our authentic expression itself, a true part of our evolution.

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  2. RIght now I am doing everything except writing. I am keeping myself away from writing. Not because of writer’s block. I never had that ( dont take it the other way lol). Its because of my personal reasons. But I did some collabs. Dose that count??
    It is not easy, suppressing this writer inside of you. Words come every now and then I just ignore them. I am learning so many new things. I believe I am excelling at it. So I also get this feeling things happen for a reason.

    Thank you Sundaram for this wonderful post. I always get to express my inner self on your posts. It feels so good. Its like letting go of this heavy load.

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    1. Hey Ankit… Thanks so much. Just heard your music… Your are doing really well there… art prospers when attempted in its entirety… music, painting, writing, singing, sketching… your music will make you a better writer, your writing may produce better lyrics, and all of it will make you a better person. So do what you enjoy. I have had my share of other arts, now experimenting with writing, though I really want to learn playing a guitar… always a pleasure reading your heartfelt comments…✌🤘✌:-)

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  3. This is so true. There are so many forms of writing & everybody has their own techniques & talents. I have to keep reminding my kid of this because they still don’t enjoy writing, hopefully they will work or their passion soon… X

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  4. And here is where I left the other one before, the day I read this I couldn’t write anything.. after one week of doing the NaPoWriMo. I said on the comment: I could totally relate in here.. there were times when the words will just flow on my mind and I couldn’t stop writing.. but when I stopped.. it takes a long time to go back to writing again.. 🌻

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  5. Great insight. Sometimes we forget that we write for ourselves, rather than others. When others read, we feel worthwhile and when they stop reading, we suddenly feel inadequate. Nothing is further from the truth. Nothing has changed, except our thoughts. Once we let go of writing for Likes, we can get back to the truth. Keep writing. Everyone has something to impart.

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  6. – I have had many a dry spell and the last one the most severe- one story in 2017 , 6 in 2016. at odd times I thought I would never write again and while it saddened me I could not imagine I had a story left in me worthy of telling although I was full of them as always. last year I did not even keep a journal , and as you say not writing becomes a habit too ..

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  7. Hi, strangely enough sometimes I think …to allow our brains to rest is good …the whole time you think you are hibernating ..your brain is sucking in details and ideas…waiting for that moment that You pick up your pen again. I felt lost when I got overwhelmed with my family’s deaths …but now after a small rest I’m moving along…having fun with words again.

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    1. You’re a self driven writer then. And that innate readily available desire is your shield against lethargy. A compulsive writer would only enjoy a break, and come back stronger I agree. Thanks for reading, and leaving a comment. Appreciate it. 🙏🙏

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      1. You don’t know …but I’m also a printmaker…you have to be somewhat disciplined ..or you wouldn’t have any work for shows.Right now I’m doing an etching …it takes time and a lot of work layering to make it happen. It’s the same kind of energy.

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      2. It is. with Etching you work with a copper plate. You basically etch the image though layers, either adding with rosin or subtracting with acid I also work in color with silkscreening much easier in some ways but still problematic. It’s one of those things you can’t whip it together at the last minute. It must sound totally bizarre to you. Image making I guess you could call it.

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      3. It’s new to me…we all see these beautiful complex and rich images, but rarely think about the work that must go behind bringing them to fore. Great to know someone from a background such as yours. BTW what does ‘Collecting coffee’ signify?😀😀


      4. Oh…so the original part of the blog…I think there’s almost a year of blog entries…I would find a quote about coffee in movies ..stop it ..draw it out…and then take it anywhere my brain would go. Sometimes about the movie…people …anything. It was fun. But sometimes it would get really hard . A quote of just Coffee? where do you go with that? I have about 300 images not used and just hanging around…waiting. So in truth I was collecting Coffee…See?

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      5. Funny, then I found my dad’s note (Blog #1) in the huge dictionary that we lugged home from his home in Florida.He never told me about his note. In 2016 he died then 2 years later I found it. So I thought why not…So I started in the A’s …I’m still in the A’s (there are 2058 pages! ) Who knows where this will go ..or how long I will do it…It’s weird. So I have a word for example Abcoulomb…) A word about electricity…and it makes my brain think differently.Soon after a poem comes out of nowhere. There have been many words already I’ve passed over like Abducens nerve…too medical..or if it’s too religious…but it makes me explore words -I never knew existed. Sometimes I just have fun with it and make it up…It makes me write in a different but same way.

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