I Am Done

Starting from scratch
Yet again!
Why do I keep
Falling back to zero?
Was so far ahead
So quick that
They told me
I was a hero.

There perhaps
Oh God!
Is something
You want me to know.
I only wish
You’d use
A kinder way
Than pushing me so low.

Each time
I looked back
Connected the dots
And dug something wise.
But this time
Let me stay
A little longer
If I reach new highs.

Falling down
Getting up and
Clawing my way out
Used to be fun.
Give me back
My peace now
I surrender
I think I am done.
Β© Sundaram Chauhan

48 thoughts on “I Am Done

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      1. Ah! Why do you consider yourself as limited, man! i love the genres that your poetry touches! And, yes the flow makes them stand apart. Agreed!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks Rishhuu. You’re kind to say that. It’s just that I know my tools. And, I am under no delusions. And in no way I am saying that I feel bad about it… you know I love sharpening them… and who’s there to stop me acquire the new ones in the market… i am always on the lookout :)))

        Liked by 1 person

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