I loved watching movies so much

that I started reading the books they were based on.

Now, I don’t watch movies anymore.

Β© Sundaram Chauhan

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  1. Ha, I think I know what you mean. I was always one to watch movies and T.V. shows too. I’ve always loved books, but nothing beats the easiness of just putting on a movie and forgetting everything. I think I loved the idea of reading books more than the actual action. Until I came to Italy. Here, I have very limited internet, and no TV. So I was forced to read books. Now, I hope I never go back to wasting my time watching TV shows and movies. You gain so much more from reading books.

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    1. Absolutely! I always read books, but movies stood higher on the entertainment quotient. But now, I simply yawn through the best of the movies. Felt bad initially as I have hundreds of them downloaded, but I prefer books now. They touch me in ways nothing else can.
      But I do try to catch up with a few TV shows in December…. like GoT, and Suits etc. I love them :)))

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      1. Haha oh yeah I understand. Movies and TV shows are just so easy, you can spend hours watching them and not even know when they passed… But books… They let you into a whole other world :))

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  2. “Now, I don’t watch movies anymore.”

    they said: “A picture is worth a thousand words”
    I replied: “A phrase is worth a thousand pictures”

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