Tiny Tale

I pause
Stare hard
At screen with bleary eyes
It’s time
Let’s go!
Something inside me cries
I peep into the cabin
My boss is on the phone
My day is not yet over
I let out a groan
She knocks
Comes close
And hands over her work
I nod
Lips pursed
God, I am such a jerk!
I want to go
Along with her too
Her earrings are new
What am I going to do?
She spins
Glides out
Her fragrance still stays
I close
My eyes
My heart is ablaze
I hear her say bye
To everyone outside
Out of my league she is
I should’ve still tried
It’s been some days
My life is such
We talk sometimes
But nothing much
Today is the day
I thought I’d say
Something concrete
And clear up the way
She has left
I am alone
A couple of hours gone
I rub my eyes
Stretch my back
Open my mouth to yawn
I shuffle across
the hall to my boss
A pat on my back
still feels like a loss
Elevator I take
Grab a burger and a cake
Wish I could sit
By the side of a lake
I reach my car
A heart with a scar
In sight is a tree
Beneath a faint star
Just then it glows
With a tremble and a tone
That’s her message!
Her message on my phone
I read it aloud
She wants to talk
There’s a bad news
She’s in some shock
The project she did
Was wrong, she cries
I never cared to check
My blood all dries
Head pounding hard
My eyes on the tree
I call up my boss
Just say it was me
I take all the flak
And then call her back
I state what I’ve done
She screams I’m a crack!
She says she is sorry
I say, that’s alright
She laughs and she talks
Right past midnight
Still dreaming of her
Not blinking at all
A small win this is, but
We’ve broken the wall.

Β© Sundaram Chauhan
(Image Source)

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