A Blessing You Are


Rushing and gushing

and pouring over rocks

like a river tumbling down the hill

embracing all the shocks.

You stride ahead in life

giving shape to boulders

blessing one blessing all

holding us by our shoulders.

I see you when in dark

I reach you when I’m lost

You leave it all and pull me up

Whatever is the cost.


© Sundaram Chauhan

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27 thoughts on “A Blessing You Are

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  1. Somehow, the first six lines reminded me of the poem “The Brook” by Alfred Lord Tennyson. I read it in grade 9, I guess.
    This poem is very beautiful, Sundaram.☺☺

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    1. The Brook, wow! That’s a compliment girl. (Actually I just read it upon your mentioning about it. Not sure what the hell I was doing in 9th grade. I think I read comics.)
      The truth is where I live, I see rivers all around, and they stir up the mind so much. Thanks Pragya! Love your comments…:))

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha!😂
        It was a part of my course. 😋
        You’re lucky if you have rivers around you😭. Because I live in Delhi and we only have pollution clouds here 😭

        You’re most welcome😊😊

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