The land gets slowly

devoid of the light

Even noise finds peace

and gives in to its might

Tick-tock of the clock

feels a clangor so loud

Only time of the day

scared dark feels proud

Busy people at last

succumb to fatigue

Nuisance in the day

sleeping children intrigue

It is time to relax

to dream, to replenish

Even breeze runs slow

maybe it’ll also vanish

But here I am

sitting wide awake

Hot tea on the table

cold back with an ache

I love this silence

it’s fertile, it’s great

It brings me joy

helps me contemplate

I read, I write

and I feel alive

I do all that

that’s how I thrive

I take no pressure

to be the best

No need to run

and reach the crest

I think and write

what best I can

Just want to be honest

only that’s the plan


ยฉ Sundaram Chauhan

(Image Source)

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